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Display Shelving & Merchandising Systems.

We carry a full line of Lozier display shelving and merchandising accessories. Lozier Store Fixtures is a leading manufacturer in retail store fixtures in the U.S.

We currently stock wall and island display shelving components along with most popular accessories. Orders of most parts, accessories, and smaller orders of complete sections can usually be available for next day pick-up, shipment, or local delivery.

Being one of the largest manufacturer's of display shelving in the U.S., Lozier is versatile; offering many customizable accessories to keep products organized, stores looking their best, and customers' pleased.

Let us help you with the design and layout of your store. We can assist in showing you different shelving configurations to best accomodate your products, store size, and natural flow of traffic. Contact us today.


B-O-F Gravity Flow Shelving Systems

Boost Beer Sales with Gravity Flow Merchandising Systems

Increase sales and reduce out-of-stocks with a gravity flow merchandising system. Many store managers report an ROI after implementing a gravity flow system within one year. A store with 6 cooler doors of beer product can expect to save over 234 hours of labor a year in reduced stocking time from gravity feed systems.

Key Benefits:

  • Gravity-flow keeps product in saleable (front facing) position and condition.
  • "One touch" loading and easy cleaning minimize labor costs.
  • Increased pack-out of 300% yields higher sales and profits.
  • Minimizes out-of-stocks.
  • Superior presentation enhances the customer experience.